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ONTD Artists

Art news and discussion

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ONTD Artists;

This community began in the early morning of June 03, at the suggestion of childish, as a spinoff of ohnotheydidnt. The goal of this community is to share news and foster discussion about the art world. This includes talk about artists, sculpture, design, comic art, news articles, photography, and most anything you can think of. All content is user generated.

Weekly Theme Posts;

Still deciding on many of these.

Saturday: Artists FFA
Sunday: Sunday Comics

If you have an idea for a themed post that we don't have regularly scheduled, feel free to post it!


Posting is moderated.

All news stories must have a source.

We don't accept posts about music or fashion. While we do think they are artforms, separate communities already exist for these. Fibers art and more conceptual fashion is the exception.

Do not hotlink images. Save the images to your own hard drive and then upload them onto a site like Tinypic, your Photobucket or your own server. Stolen bandwidth usually = money taken away from starving artists.

If you're using an image of art in your post, please remember to credit the artist as well as the news source. Exceptions being famously identifiable works of art such as the Mona Lisa.

Do not post about yourself. No introduction posts, do not make a post linking to your deviantart page or share a drawing you just did. We have weekly posts where people share their art, please save it for then. Exceptions: If you are opening a gallery or hosting an event, you may advertise it. Additionally, if you're a member and you've been published for the first time, we'd love to hear about it!

Other Details;

Layout by invicted
Illustration in the header by the amazing James Jean